From deep down in the southernmost throws of the continental US, where the frontier not only exists, but lies nearly impenetrable smack-dab along a stretch of highway 41, dubbed the Tamiami Trail, Gator Nate Augustus has been making a peculiarly sweet sounding noise for decades, centuries...possibly since the dawn of time itself.  Swampy, funky, rockin-ass-coon-ass'n country blues hop-a-billy folk-a-punk*.  Or somethin'...Jambalaya!  A lil' a' this...less a' that!  *IT'S ALL JUST  GOOD TIMEIN', HEEL RAISIN', SKIT-KICKIN, SNARE SMACKIN', BASS THUMPIN', HARP-BLOWIN, SLIDE GUITAR, LIVE  HIT HARD BLUES GROOVIN’', HOOTIN', HOLLERIN', HOW THE HELP-ME, I'VE FALLEN AND I CANT GET UP,HEALTHY, WELL-FED, FINGER LICKIN', FUNKY CHICKEN, C.B. SPITTIN', GREEZY GITTIN', SINNED, FORGIVEN,  N’ DONE RUN THE GAMMET FROM SHINDIGS 2 PRISON! ...TILL I GIT' WINGS, LIVING FREE FALL N' SPINNIN’, REVOLVED, DON'T THAT JUST BEAT- ALL, TIRE N FIRE SMOKIN', WELL SPOKEN, HELL STOKIN’ HIGH IN THE LOWL’NDS,  SLY N' THE FAMILY TWICE BROKEN, KICKIN N TWIST SPOKES, SMITTEN, RIDIN’ WIDE OPEN, BY GOD, GO ON  N' GIT TO GITTIN',  SO YOU CAN HAV A LIL' QUICK LISTEN... SO START, BY: QUIT SITTIN‘..... STAND UP!   & GIT IT SON!