GatorNate The Gladezmen

"Alligator Radio"
   * Featuring an antiquated field guide to modern cryptozoology (CryptoZoo!), a classic American tale of southern life and love(Queen Of Belle Mead), a handy "how-to operate" for all Citizens Band operators looking to expand their trucker/CB vocabulary(Alligator Radio), a synopsis/editorial on today's most unbelievable television programs(Reality Sham), a day in the life of an Everglades air-boat captain(Who Swampin' Now?), a hard rockin' love song, reminding all mankind that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, dedicated to a lost love-lot lizard, written off as merely a lonely truck stop hooker by most(Sweet Pea) an exciting journey into survival and overcoming odds, from the bowels of Badluck Woods, down to the mangrove mazes of 10,000 Islands, lost in the lowlands, but for good?(All Night Adventure), a massive mix-up of genre benders and sharp tounged liars gouge, featuring the guitar riff written by the ghost of Elvis Presley(Nimrod's Kingdom), an epic ode-to-psyclebillies, and all bikers alike, the  officially unofficial M.C. anthem(Kickstands Up)

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