Blog From The Bog I

First off, I would like to thank all the listeners and readers for your time and interest.  The last few moons have been a doozie!  Many thanks to all the folks that have sent good vibes this direction.  They always help!  Summer rains and sweltering afternoons have moved on for the time being, leaving a lush green countryside, soaked with inspiration.  Now, as the cool snowbird weather is brought down by means of Ohioans, Michiganders, Wisconsinites and New Englanders, I consciously enjoy every breath the good Lord sees fit to bless me with.  Living in remote southern Florida, Paradise found, I am often reminded, life IS great.  The land is great, for better or worse.  The land is ours, as shepherds, to respect and care for.  We all have an opportunity to make it better, an opportunity to make ourselves better.   When we better ourselves, it betters our whole human family.  So, to all my human family, the chance has come for me to start putting this pencil to parchment, and writing to YOU.  Maybe with your help I can begin to make sense of it all.  On that note, this will be the "official" first edition of Gator Nate's Blog From The Bog, so, without wasting any time on introductions, titles, credentials or lack there goes everything.

       Ritual displays of hyper-chromatic, nearly iridescent reds dive and dodge against the vivid greens of the native flora down at the "Compound Swamp".  The colorfully entertaining male cardinals dance and croon for a lone female as she goes on about her morning, yards away on a low hanging strangler fig branch.  The humidity rich salt air eased under the canopy of palm fronds in the backyard, making an early morning session of "stretching & breathing" a breeze.  I notice an overactive squirrel tidying up the mess left by our friendly neighborhood bear, "Theo The Trash Can Bandit", on last night's expedition.  At least he didn't get a hold of the ripe dragon fruit hanging nearby. WILD DRAGON FRUIT!  What a treat!  No swimming pool in my backyard, instead, a fallen log juts up, out of the nearly neon green moss, covering the pond, twenty some turtles of varying sizes and a juvenile alligator are on display for the bright sun's rays this morning.  Blue jays fighting and hollering as the red-tailed hawk sits, eyes peeled, high on the top branch of a cypress.  My (killer-attack) chihuahua must know this, as he usually won't stray more than a few steps away from me.   Today though, he's on the prowl, all the sudden, his nose goes straight up, sniffing intently at the onshore breeze from the gulf, only a few miles away.  He spots the scent...points...AWW, it's just a little bunny rabbit.  He pops out of the brush, gets one good look at Gibson, and before you can say "wascally wabbit", had high-tailed it  across the swamp, and gone!  That thing literally ran across open water.  Granted, it was only six inches deep, but that thing had to be doing 30 knots! My dog's tail wagged with contentment, as he looks up at me and leans in for his obligatory "ear-scratch" payment... for being such a great guard dog, of course!


  Another Halloween in the books.  Our awesome friends and fans came out in full costume, as expected.  The night went off without a hitch.  Unfortunately, on a sadder note, our good buddy and longtime supporter, Joe, who owned and operated South Street-Naples, and provided the Gladezmen with a home-stage for the last six+ years, passed away in his home Monday morning after Halloween weekend.  He was only 43 and left behind two young children.  We intend to carry on Joe's legacy of bringing great entertainment, service and food(best pizza) to the Collier County area for a long time.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family.  Please don't wait to tell someone how much they mean to you, as you are only promised today with loved ones.  Tomorrow may never come.  That being said, Mom, Pop, Gina, Willy Matt, Kenny...I love you guys, and thank you for everything.  Let's make some more awesome memories! 

   Love, compassion and kindness brings about true happiness and peace. 

The truth will set you free.  Godspeed.



There's no place I'd rather live.

There's no woman I'd rather love. 

There's no truth I'd rather believe.

There's no me I'd rather be.